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The Power of Attorney Practice Ltd is a company that specialises in all aspects of Power of Attorney work. We provide a highly professional, knowledgeable and sympathetic service to families requiring the correct legal documents surrounding the sensitive topic of mental capacity.  We also provide a consultancy service to a vast number of Independent Financial Advisers, Mortgage Brokers, Will Writers and Accountants across the UK, as well as other professionals not having the specialist knowledge in Lasting Powers of Attorney, but wanting to offer this service to their clients.

Losing the ability to make decisions and communicate feelings is a difficult thing to think about - and if it happened to you, you would have to rely on others to care for you and look after your affairs. It is reassuring to know that there are opportunities available to make provision in advance of this happening to us in our lifetime.

Many people understand the need to take out insurance for the unexpected fire, flood, unemployment or domestic appliance breaking down but what they fail to protect against is the loss of mental capacity.

The importance and significance of putting in place a Lasting Power of Attorney should not be dismissed.  If you wish to protect the future of your family, no matter your age or health, you should put in place a Lasting Power of Attorney to deal with your Property and Financial affairs and Health and Welfare.

What is an LPA

A Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) gives another individual the legal authority to look after specific aspects of your financial affairs or health and welfare should you lose the capacity to do so.
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