Process of Applying for Deputyship

Forms are submitted to the Court which are lengthy and complicated.
If a Solicitor prepares the Deputyship application, they will charge for this service.

Medical evidence has to be obtained and this is often charged for.

On receipt of all the forms and evidence the Judge decides who is to be appointed as your Deputy.

The Judge issues a Deputy Order which sets out the extent of your powers.  The order may give wide powers to the Deputy, or it could set limits to those powers.

The Deputy is placed in a supervision band and depending on which supervision band you have been granted the Deputy may have to:

  • Submit annual accounts for the Court's approval
  • Submit yearly bank statements
  • Provide a Deputyship Report to the Court (this will detail all the decisions that the Deputy has made on the person's behalf)
  • Receive periodical visits by a Court Visitor
  • Report any transactions that the Court would consider out of the ordinary
  • Inform the Court if you want to make any major decisions such as making gifts

The level of support and supervision received is regularly assessed.

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